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Goldilocks was innocent!

Posted by jbarrett on Sep-17-2016

255Last term Year 5 worked on how to write recounts in English. To make it fun the children used their knowledge to present their case in a classroom court.

Each child had a role to play, as decided in their groups, and had to present the case and point of view with evidence to the Judge  to try to persuade her that they are right. Goldilocks defended her actions and the Judge sums up so that the audience can discuss and decided the outcome.

I must say that there were some individuals who should definitely take up ‘law’ as a future career!

Goldilocks was found ‘not guilty!

257258265262259263  265

Mrs Barrett

Summer Cake Delights- DT

Posted by jbarrett on Sep-17-2016

As promised the DT summer term project of 2016 is here! I promised to wait until all were delivered to the lucky families and so here are the class creations, all based on the theme of summer….


293290289286285292 295 297 300 301 303 304 307 310 311314

The children also extended their creativity to designing and making boxes to put their cakes in, all linked to the theme they chose for the cake…..267 268

315 316 318 319 324  327 328 329 332 344 347 338 331

Thank you children for the wonderful results and the fun in changing simple cake ingredients, bits of card and trimmings into such magical pieces of art!

Mrs Barrett

5p Book Sale Transforms Playground

Posted by bsands on Sep-13-2016

DSCN9624 DSCN9626 DSCN9628 DSCN9631 DSCN9630 DSCN9623 DSCN9627The mountain of unsold children’s books left over from previous sales were sold off for 5p each and transformed the playground into a reading room last week.  Children settled down to read their new purchases and Y5 and 6 children even bought books to read to their young buddies.  The proceeds go to fund library projects.


Posted by bsands on Sep-13-2016

DSCN9640 DSCN9646 DSCN9636 DSCN9647 DSCN9650Last week saw the introduction of STEM in the Y2 classroom (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths…occasionally also called STEAM, if it incorporates Art too).
The first challenge was to build a tower at least 30cm high, to support a tennis ball on top, so that it wouldn’t roll off, using as few wooden blocks as possible. In future, an increasingly varied and also limited range of resources will be offered to meet each challenge.

Head’s Tea

Posted by bsands on Sep-13-2016

DSCN9668 DSCN9669 DSCN9670 DSCN9671 DSCN9672 DSCN9673This week saw the launch of a monthly Head’s Tea.  All KS2 children will have the opportunity to take tea (or squash) and cake with Mrs Bradburn in her study, along with other members of the school’s teaching, ancillary and support staff and also governors.  It was an enthusiastic gathering, with lots of laughter and conversation, which we hope will become a feature at Hopelands, to build strong relationships between adults and children, who may not usually have an opportunity to mix and chat in their day-to-day school lives, as well as giving the children a social and conversational experience outside of lessons.

Y5 Cake Sale

Posted by bsands on Sep-13-2016

DSCN9574[1]Book-loving Y4 children used their pupil voice and organized a cake sale last term to raise money to buy new books to take with them in to Y5.  They raised 28 Pounds with which Mrs Boix purchased new titles,  the children were unlikely to have read at home.  Mrs Boix kindly donated a bookshelf for the Y5 classroom, DSCN9575[1] DSCN9576[1] DSCN9577[1] DSCN9578[1]to house the new purchases.

Let’s make an exhibition of ourselves!

Posted by jbarrett on Jun-24-2016

DSC04818                             Art Exhibition 2016

On Monday, June 20th and 21st the art exhibition was held in the hall.  Examples of art work and DT projects, which had been completed over the year, were put on display for all to share.

It was wonderful seeing so many children and parents talking about the work and sharing their thoughts. The pride on the children’s faces was a delight to see.

Thank you too for many of the Year 5 children who took the time to explain their DT story books to the visitors. As one parent said “They brought the story alive!”

Thank you to the parents, family, children and staff who fed back their thoughts about the exhibition in the ‘Comments Book’ some of which are shared below:

  • Better than the British Museum! Fantastic display of treasures from Ancient Greece and more.
  • What a wonderful art display- so creative…and beautifully presented
  • A beautiful display of such creative and imaginative work and to hear the children talk about how they created the arts is lovely to see and hear. Brilliant job everyone
  • All incredible and amazing. Thank you Mrs Barrett for putting on the show (pupil)
  • I love all of them and making them (pupil)
  • Fantastic to see so much talent and. Even better, the enthusiasm for art by the pupils
  • Lots of hard work, originality and enthusiasm
  • What a lovely collection from all the years. Very Greek!
  • Some exceptional work! A real treat to the eye. Well done!
  • Very impressive art work! Fabulous!
  • Some amazing pieces of work. Love the papier mache faces by Year 4
  • Some wonderful talent and hard work. Really enjoyed looking at it all and all the different ideas
  • Love all the pots and art work from different classes. Very authentic and realistic
  • So impressed..your work is wonderful, very creative. It really depicts all your personalities. Well done to all of you
  • Amazing effort and work. Huge well done to pupils for such fantastic and creative work
  • This is amazing! Outstanding quality every year
  • An amazing Art Exhibition, such fantastic work. Hopelands has so many clever and talented children. Thank you for sharing.
  • What a fabulous exhibition! Well done everyone. The Year 5 children were very knowledgeable about their pop-up books

   DSC04927 DSC04790   DSC04811   DSC04834             DSC04814 DSC04936                   DSC04889  DSC04840                          DSC04827   DSC04845 DSC04851 DSC04858 DSC04857       DSC04905                    DSC04900 DSC04896 DSC04890  DSC04903  DSC04794  DSC04904  DSC04935 DSC04933           DSC04931         DSC04930                                                                    DSC04928

Trees of Life inspired by Klimt

Posted by jbarrett on Jun-23-2016


Year 3 looked at Klimt’s paintings of ‘The Tree of Life’ and used it to inspire an exciting collage.

It took a great deal of patience to create the mosaic background, using a range of materials. The swirling tree was then drawn and cut out, and features hung in the branches to represent something that is meaningful to them.

Some of you would have seen this newly completed work at the Art Exhibition but there will also be another chance as they will be displayed in school in the coming week.

Beautiful work Year 3. Thank you.

DSC04809 DSC04808 DSC04807 DSC04802 DSC04803 DSC04804 DSC04805 DSC04806 DSC04797 DSC04798 DSC04799 DSC04800 DSC04801 DSC04796 DSC04795

Mrs Barrett

Putting things in Perspective!

Posted by jbarrett on Jun-22-2016

2016-06-14 16.23.242016-06-14 16.23.45

What a technical bunch!

Year 6 have been studying how to draw one point perspective…quite a technical task.

I think you will agree that they have done a great job…even though the pictures may make you feel dizzy!

2016-06-14 16.23.51 2016-06-14 16.23.56 2016-06-14 16.24.02 2016-06-14 16.24.13 2016-06-14 16.23.29 2016-06-14 16.23.34

Mrs Barrett


A group of head bangers!

Posted by jbarrett on Jun-22-2016

Oscillating Birds!

The Creative Crew groups have just made some magical oscillating birds. They seem to magically rock and head bang down the elastic band without any help…magic!

This actually happens due to a scientific process, so try to impress us and find out why this happens.

2016-06-14 12.29.00 2016-06-14 12.29.542016-06-16 12.31.412016-06-09 12.50.232016-06-09 12.25.422016-06-09 12.26.25 2016-06-14 12.30.332016-06-09 12.57.44

Mrs Barrett